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This is the webpage of Julie and Iain Bethune and contains a wide range of information, mainly about us and our interests! The links at the side can be used to access different areas that may be of interest to you and the section below will be kept up to date with our recent news.


Thursday 16th October 2008

Over 2 years since the last update - Oops! Still, better late than never. A round-up of our news is as follows:

I'm sure there's plenty more I've missed off, but that's the important ones I think. Check back in 2010 for the next update!

Monday 27th February 2006

Since the last update our most exciting news is that we have had an offer accepted on a 2 bedroom mid terrace house in Eastleigh. So far everything is moving along nicely so hopefully we will be moved in by Easter.

The church spring ball went really well with just over 300 people present - the chocolate fountains were a big hit! The music was all fantastic and there really was something for everyone.

Iain is getting on well at work and enjoying himself. I am beginning to get frustrated at waiting to start studying for a PhD, but things are still being put in place so I will just have to be patient.

Like everyone else we are looking forward to the Spring and some warmer weather so that we can start doing more outside - hopefully March will be warmer!!!

Wednesday 11th January 2006

Happy New Year!

The news hasn't been updated for a while as we seem to have been really busy! We had a lovely Christmas with Iain's parents having spent the week before catching up with lots of different people. It was wonderful to hear everyone's news and to meet James (Susan and David's little boy) and Hannah (Jo and Tim's little girl) for the first time. Christmas itself was also hectic with lots going on! We had a wonderful day and received lots of fantastic presents - Thank you to everyone for being so kind.

After Christmas we travelled to Kent and stayed with my parents which was great. New year's eve was spent at Paul and Marie's. They cooked us a wonderful meal and we played a muder mystery which was a lot of fun. See the photo gallery for some pictures of the costumes!!!

new year 2006

Us all dressed up in our costumes!

After New Year we had one day at home before Iain was back at work! Since then with have been starting the process of house hunting which is very exciting but a little scary! - I will keep you updated.

We wish everyone all the best in 2006.

Thursday 8 th December 2005

It's my birthday!!!!!

Thank you for cards and presents they were all lovely :) I am having a very nice day wearing a new jumper from Iain and listening to a great worship CD from Anne and David. Iain has been looking after me well with breakfast in bed and he is cooking tea this evening - steak. We are going to see 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' tomorrow night which I am really looking forward to. We went to see Harry Potter at the end of last week and that was quite disappointing so hopefully this will be better!

Iain has also made a fantastic looking cake (can't wait to have some later). It has 4 giant cookies on the top! I will put a photo up soon.

This evening is house group. We are having a Christmas party at Paula and Rich's which will be fun. At the weekend we are going for a meal with my parents and nan on Sunday which we are really looking forward to.

birthday cake

The Birthday Cake

Iain and I have also been painting more Warhammer models and I have taken some pictures of these that will soon be on the photo gallery.

dark elf chariot

Warhammer Dark Elf Chariot

Monday 28 th November 2005

The start of another week. We have had a busy weekend which has been really fun. It was nice that Iain had Friday off work and we had that extra time to spend together. We went and bought a very small Christmas tree which Iain then had to decorate (as well as stringing lights up around the living room!). It is the earliest I have ever had Christmas decorations up, but it does look very nice!

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

We didn't make it to polo on Saturday - it was just too cold!!!! Instead we had a nice lay in and then went for a walk up St. Catherines Hill. It was a nice refreshing walk and took us just over an hour so we were back in time for lunch! The main downside was that you could hear the motorway most of the way round. Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing - Iain painted some Warhammer models and I was on the computer.

Sunday morning was the advent service at church - an all age service. It was good fun (if a little noisy!) and involved the production of a Jesse tree. Symbols were used to summarize the Old Testament and show, basically, the history of the world up to Christ. Sunday afternoon we had loads of friends round for a games afternoon. It was lovely to have our house full with some many people and I think everyone had a good time - we certainly did! We managed a game of Carcassone, a game of Boggle and half a game of Dampfross - not bad going for an afternoon! We had mince pies, mulled wine and carrot soup!!! We then went to the production of 'Christmas Presence' at the church in the evening, which was fun.

Tuesday 22 nd November 2005

The webpage is almost ready to be put on line, which is very exciting. I am spending my time waiting for photos to upload! Iain and I have been relatively quiet at the moment. We have finished our Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped! I still have enough to do at home and I am arranging to start a PhD in October.

House group has been fun and cooking for the students was a laugh - Nick and Jo made a lovely meal. We have also got involved in organising the Christ Church Ball which will be on the 11 th February next year.

Iain's department have been given this Friday off work which is great as it means a long weekend. We are having a games afternoon on Sunday for people from house group with mulled wine and mince pies!!! A good excuse to put the decorations up early!

Friday 4 th November 2005

Well this week has been relatively quiet. I have been trying out the sewing machine that we were given as a wedding present and have started making some Christmas presents. I have also been learning html and css programming so that I can work on this web page. I have been looking after Iain and the house and have been taking the opportunity while I am at home to spend some more time studying the Bible.

Work is going well for Iain and he is enjoying it. This week had a few frustrations when his lap top broke!

We went to house group last night - we are studying the letters to the churches in Revelation at the moment. There was lots of interesting discussion going on! Next week we are going to play skittles for the evening, which should be a laugh!

This coming weekend looks like it will be busy. Tonight we are going to watch fireworks at Iain's work and then tomorrow night we will be watching fireworks at the house of one of Iain's friends from work. Tomorrow morning we will be playing canoe polo if it isn't raining too heavily. On Sunday we will be going to the morning and evening services at Church and in between are helping to prepare a meal for 40 odd students that they are fed after the evening service!

So I think that will keep us busy for the weekend!

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