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Kayaking and Hill Walking

This section contains two main areas, one on kayaking and one on hill walking. The kayaking page contains information on rivers we have paddled and different areas of paddling that we have some involvement in (including polo, slalom and white water). The hill walking page has details on mountains we have climbed and what we thought of them. There is also a photo gallery containing lots of photos from kayaking and walking. Use the links at the side to access the different sections.

Iain kayaking

Iain on the Allt a' Chaorainn

Future plans...

Friday 4 th November 2005

At Christmas we are heading to Scotland to spend just over a week with Iain's parents. We are going to take the kayaks and hopefully get some paddling in. Iain wants to do some harder rivers if he can find people to go with. I will be happy if we get to paddle the Nith or Border Esk (or anything really!). We will also hopefully do some walking around Selkirk - maybe the Three Brethren or Eildon hills.

Next summer we are going to the Alps for 2 weeks with Iain's parents and hopefully his sisters. Some walking is planned but I have now idea what yet! Better get exercising!!!


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