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Our Home

We are currently renting a property in Badger Farm, Winchester. It is a lovely little one bedroom house. The area is nice - it is a big housing estate right next to a Sainsbury's. It is very quiet. The downside is that everyone keeps themselves to themselves and there are no local shops or a pub.

We are hoping to buy somewhere in the new year but unfortunately probably won't be able to afford anywhere in Winchester.

The House

The Outside

The house is off a small walk way and has a small front garden that contains some very over grown bushes. To the side we have our 'back garden' which is enclosed by a 6ft fence. It has a small patio area and small area of grass, lots of over grown plants again and a small shed! At the moment it is also home to 3 kayaks and 2 bikes. It was great in the summer to sit out and have a BBQ.

Front of house

This is the front of our house!

back garden back of garden

This is our back garden.


The main room downstairs is about 14ft by 9ft and is used as a dining room, living room and study! It is a little cosy! Luckily all of the furniture that was donated to us fits really well - Thank you. Off the main room is a small kitchen area that is just about big enough for all of our gadgets etc. There is also a cupboard under the stairs which is great for storage (as long as you don't want to get anything out in a hurry!).

downstairs downstairs

The downstairs living area.

kitchen kitchen

The kitchen area.


Upstairs there is a bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom is a lovely shade of brown! and unfortunately the shower runs from the taps so isn't great. The bedroom is nice and large so there is lots of storage space for all of our books.

bedroom bedroom


The bedroom...


...and the bathroom.


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