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Winchester and Our Home

We moved to Winchester at the end of July 2005, because Iain had got a job with IBM. It was all very hectic as we had a week to move after getting back off honeymoon, before Iain started work and I was meant to be writing up my MSc thesis! Luckily we had already found a house to rent in Badger Farm so that bit at least was sorted! If you click on the link at the side you can find lots more information and photos on our little house.

I would like to take this opportunity to again say a big Thank You to everyone that donated furniture for our home and all of the wonderful wedding presents that make our home so special.

Winchester is a lovely place and we have found a fantastic church to go to, Christ Church. We haven't explored Winchester that well yet as we always seem to be busy at weekends, but when Iain's parents visited we took the opportunity to explore and visit lots of the tourist attractions! The link to the side can be used to access more information on things that we have found interesting in Winchester.


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